In Orca PMS dashboard you have the ability to search in immense way anything you like! Follow all vessel submissions and easily approve or send back for correction any job reviewed.

With two different views of the submitted jobs, switch and choose the best for your everyday routine. Don’t forget to approve them to keep your report at the right shape 😉

PMS it's not just approving jobs. It's a system that tell you what you need and when you need it.






Trace all your planned jobs and organize your next spare orders. According the Job statuses your PMS reporting warns you, or thanks you!
Go through the deadline or the running hours and see all your systems running right.

Orca jobs are setup with all the flags needed and they support photos, videos, digital forms, and any attachment you want.



Set up your systems, sub-systems, Jobs, and spare parts, in a vessel-specific manner. With Orca Grouping, create areas and grouping the way you want to go through your machineries. Orca supports any flag: Critical, Class, Navigational, Environmental, Dry Dock, and Safety.

The Orca System groups allows you to categorize your machinery in a way to easy filter.

Set your System Library in an easy to manipulate way, so you don’t do double work.

In the System, Sub-System, Job, and part specifications you go as much as you wish in detail. Orca allows to fine grain your setup as deep as you like.

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