The Fleet page is your everyday view. A useful view with real-time updates for your scheduled daily fleet meetings. All the information you need for the itinerary, the Charter Parties, and the vessel status.

The itinerary is updated directly from Captain’s Reports and finally, you’re always up to date. Search for your Ports & Cargos in the Fleet Reports.

How can an amazing fleet view make your day better?




CII Reports

Orca Captain’s Reports – telegrams – are not only the usual ones. With new modern types, we provide all information related to each vessel’s operation at sea and in port, provides data for laytime calculations, claims, disbursements, etc., and assists the office in planning the subsequent employment most effectively.

Port Statement

With Port Statement analysis you know in real time what happens when the vessel is at port, follow all port actions and bunker surveys, know all the details about maneuvering. Everything you need in a single report!

Port Documents Overview

Gather all the bureaucracy in a page! All the documents that apply in port actions are uploaded and easily be traced. The system guides you not to forget anything and have everything in order. Easy office review in a minute!

Instructed Speed & Consumption

Any time, any day, or even multiple times per day, apply the right numbers. You have the right data and the precision you expect.


Add or exclude fields from the Captain’s Reports as you wish. Customize them to suit your fleet. You can elaborate down to vessel specific details. No charges, no fees. The decision is yours.


Captains' Reports & Itinerary

The itinerary timeline provides all information related to each vessel’s operation at sea and in port, provides data for laytime calculations, claims, disbursements, etc., and assists the office in planning the subsequent employment most effectively. The Itinerary dashboard provides the optimum passage prediction.

The Itinerary, in collaboration with Captain’s Reports, provides all information relating to each vessel’s operation at sea or port and a lot of information that the office must know for the specific voyage or process. With complete record keeping for ROBs, commodities, and quantity lifted, you know, at any time, your fleet status.

A complete Position List derives with great consistency and accuracy so that all can get the necessary information.

Weather Analysis

The Weather Analysis report is an innovative software and service result for your fleet. It gives you the tools to manage your entire fleet’s commercial, technical, and environmental performance.

Monitor the environmental impact on emissions, improve the environmental performance, and keep the fleet compliant with decarbonization regulations and initiatives through this simple, trustworthy reporting and validation. Ensure that the vessel always complies with EU MRV, IMO DCS, and Sea Cargo Charter regulations.

Orca provides flexible and advanced filtering for owners, technicals, and operators to dig deeper into your data, check scenarios and cases you could apply, and save money and time.


Estimator & Charter Parties

Orca Estimator allows estimates for Dry / Wet Cargo on a voyage or time charter basis. Its role is to provide high-quality decision support based on accurate and reliable information about distances, ports, suppliers, fuel prices, and all the other parameters that must be considered to make sound business decisions, both in Chartering and Operations.

In the CP (Charter Parties) Dashboard, apply all the necessary data to build your knowledge database and have historical analysis and management control. The dates, timelines, expenses from commissions and taxes, the cargo related, and the weather conditions agreed upon. Have everything in order!


Environmental Performance

Orca has a priority to help its partners improve their environmental performance. We strictly monitor our vessels and operations. We must save every drop of fuel we use on a daily basis. Thanks to Orca Environmental Performance Monitoring, you track everything everywhere. Watch and act.

Watch and do nothing (!) in our plans and annual emission reports for EU/UK MRV and IMO DCS. Export the data, and ensure the data is validated through an automatic highlight of errors and warnings. All info provided automatically for Captain’s Reports through the selected year.

Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) is a mandatory measure by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) taking effect from 2023 onwards. Our CII Reports provide a reliable overview of the status quo and profound guidance for action items to improve your operational performance.

In all Captain’s Reports in a daily basis you can watch the accurate data validation, analysis, and emission-saving recommendations – no matter the scope of your initiative.

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