Mobile Application

We’ve built a smart departmental view mobile app improving user experience and notify for the right things the right time.

How can an amazing mobile app benefit the Shipping Industry?





Precisely to the spot! Depending on the maritime department you belong to, your mobile view is the one you need. We don’t mess you up with a load of information that is irrelevant to you.

Check your vessel’s activity

Have a bird’s eye view of your fleet. We present you the finest position list with all the necessary intelligence in a glimpse. Vessels’ positions, weather, CP details, who’s onboard.


Get notified the right way!

With the intelligent departmental Orca app notification system, you’re always up to date. A captain’s reports came for approval, a new requisition that needs your attention, a crew switch, or a superintendent on board; it’s all there.

Departmental relation

Our departmental views are designed with the end-users in mind. This means considering the tasks and information that are most important to the department and presenting them in a clear and intuitive manner. We include data on key performance indicators (KPIs), project status, budget information, or other metrics that are important to your department.

Support is our strongest part

With our bubble, you can contact us anytime; we target faster resolutions, higher CSAT, and lighter support volumes with the only platform to combine the power of automation and human customer support.


Maritime: A mobile industry

You are always on the move. Orca follows you if you choose so! Check in a fast-forward mode, your routines, and respond accordingly. Don’t wait for your to-dos to pile up. Keep up form anywhere.

The Orca mobile app can be a beneficial tool for managing your to-do list, as it allows you to have your list with you at all times and easily add new tasks as they come up. With a mobile app, you can set reminders and deadlines for your tasks, categorize them by priority or type, and track your progress as you complete them.

Keeping track of your daily tasks is not impossible!


Fleet tracking in real-time!

While you install our OnBoard Orca application, we connect our systems with vessels’ GPS data. We monitor your fleet in real-time: You can see the location of each vessel, their speed, direction, and other data.

With the connectivity in other automated systems you might have onboard; we analyze fleet data to optimize your fleet’s performance, reduce costs, and improve safety. See a quick view on Orca mobile app!

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